White Knight--someone who tries to save another person or defend another person who is under attack
James acted the WK when he came to Jill's defense.
by charlestudor2005 April 13, 2009
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John: Jane's going to the party
Tom: yeah wk
by xcxz May 13, 2021
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1. A term refering to a person who makes others highly uncomfortable.
2. A discription of a academic subject head who does not teach the source material and is often an pathilogical liar.
3. The initals of an indivdual with a first name starting with "W" and last name starting with an "K".
"Oh man, this WK Person is being such a creep."
"Man, WK Person isn't teaching anything and just talks about stupid stories"
"Hey there WK Person"
"Don't be so WK like man"
"That WK tried to make a move on me"
by Jipes Masta February 7, 2006
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short for "wow kid", built off a variation of "BK", or "bad kid"
by psychothekyle April 12, 2007
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Depressed child who desires love and affection at 3 am, also happens to have an attraction for Plat
Bro, look at that WK over there, being depressed and all.
by WKFL October 19, 2019
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you see that girl over there with the curly hair, she must be WK.
by WKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK March 30, 2018
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It is a slang greeting original created in Durban South Africa the acronym means, “what kind” in simple English it means, “how are you doing”
Awe bro wk Means awe brother how you doing
by Ziggy_h April 7, 2018
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