Usually consists of, but not limited to:
C heese P izza
exposing/discovering government secrets

breaking the law
Guy: Yo, you hear what happened to Doug the other day?
Man: No, what happened?
Guy: He did some illegal shit and the FBI party van paid him a visit.
by JonyBoi May 9, 2016
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I didn't know what it was until now and i can tell you it is not too pleasent
i have illegal shit poop disease
by BRAKOZA July 28, 2016
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When you don’t pay jack fuck to the IRS for 2 decades. (Said by high boi in his “zootopia in a nutshell” video.)
High boi: “Judy does some quick mafs starting the tax calculation from when he started hustling when he was 12, and finds out just how illegal it is, being *ILLEGAL AS SHIT* and recorded him saying it for good measure.”
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