Un-normally loose ass hole. Usually caused by ass spelunking
When someone gets pounded in the ass, they get a "Gaping Asshole"
by Vegas March 24, 2003
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An rectum of a female or male which has been expanded to a wide state. This is achieved by anal sex or stimulation with another object or sex toy.

A gaping asshole is created when the anal sphincter is stretched from anal penetration to reveal a 'gaping' effect. This is seen in varieties of hardcore pornography featuring anal sex.
I was having anal sex with her, my penis was so large for her that when I pulled out and saw her gaping asshole.
by Mr Chris, August 09, 2007
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An anus with humongous size, usually in diameter. See wordgoatse/word
He crammed his sticky thick love shaft into her gaping asshole.
by Omniverse March 28, 2003
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Former Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.
"Wow, Governor Ehrlich vetoed another piece of good legislation? He's such a gaping asshole!"
by Fernando la Casa December 03, 2007
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