1. Acronym for "Go Fuck Yourself."

2. Acronym for the blog Go Fug Yourself, used by the writers of the blog.
1. You don't like me? GFY!
2. I wonder what's going on at GFY headquarters today?
by hollylite June 25, 2010
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Go Fuck Your Self off this page or you will find a more clever way how to use it XD
It means Go Fuck Your Self, or Go Fuck Yo Self, or however or want to use it in any type of Culture Dialect, now GFYS
by VirtualShark August 22, 2016
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can either mean
go fuck yourself
good for you or
get fucked yankee, can get quite confusing but works brilliantly either way
american: hey im going to the mall u wana go
brit: gfy it's not called a mall 2 start with nd im goin 2 my gf's house
american: why did u say good for you
brit: u retard i sed get fucked yankee
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 07, 2009
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what you say to a teacher or parent or skeezy dork at your school when you want them to fuck off. the clean abbrev version of go fuck yourself
"oh, you have diarrhea?"
by kimmmmmmmmay June 03, 2009
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Closely associated with the term "go fuck yourself" only this is in regards to search engines, social networks and information collection sites.
by oj.did.itzzz August 06, 2013
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