1. “Good for you
2. “Go fuck yourself”

Much more than just its versatility, the charm of using “GFY” is that the recipient is never quite sure as to which meaning was intended.
Stalker: “I find you stunningly attractive.”
Woman wishing to be left alone: “GFY.”
Stalker: “Wow, she has feelings for me too.”

John: “I got a promotion at work today.”
Bill: “GFY.”
John: “Well, fuck, you don’t have to be such a miserable cunt about it.”
by eliangonzalez January 20, 2019
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When I asked him for his daughter, he told me to GFY!
by Kaiser November 8, 2002
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Customer:Can I get an iced Grande coffee.

Barista:Sure an iced grande coffee.

Customer: I said an iced venti coffee how hard is it to get a drink size correct

Barist: Oh i'm sorry but I heard grande

Customer: well you heard wrong.

Barista:ok.That'll be 2.65

(money exchanged)

Barista:and your drink will be right up...GFY

Customer:What did you say?

Barista: I said have a nice day
by Maraiah July 11, 2008
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Go Fuck Yourself, often an endearing term used among friends to mean have a good time, or often the parting words in a conversation.

Not to be confused with Good For You...

Often however a friend will say Good For You, actually meaning Go Fuck Yourself. Easy to get confused.
1.) Yea yea yea, cheers, now GFY HARD!
2.) Well gee, Good For You
by Ratkas November 15, 2006
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Corporate speak for Go Fuck Yourself. Corporation frown on their employees passing curse words back and forth in email so just tell someone to GFY in the body of the message. Often used in conjunction with GHY (Go Hang Yourself). You would use GFY and GHY when telling them to Go Fuck Yourself just isn’t enough.
Hey, Greg, GFY. Regards, Tammy
by moon2458 August 25, 2006
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Go fuck yourself; often used when someone has pissed you off.
That slut pissed me off, so I told her to GFY.
by B~dog September 18, 2005
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Sethskyleri like men
by GESUSKRIST January 5, 2010
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