Customer:Can I get an iced Grande coffee.

Barista:Sure an iced grande coffee.

Customer: I said an iced venti coffee how hard is it to get a drink size correct

Barist: Oh i'm sorry but I heard grande

Customer: well you heard wrong.

Barista:ok.That'll be 2.65

(money exchanged)

Barista:and your drink will be right up...GFY

Customer:What did you say?

Barista: I said have a nice day
by Maraiah July 11, 2008
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Go fuck yourself; often used when someone has pissed you off.
That slut pissed me off, so I told her to GFY.
by B~dog September 18, 2005
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Go Fuck Yourself

For a better explanation, go to www.amishrakefight.org/gfy/ or see fuck.
by Bentley Smith May 19, 2004
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