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The term 1337 H4x0r (1337 sp33k for Elite Hacker), is generally used to describe a PC gamer who is very good with using hacks (H4x) to obtain an unfair advantage. The term is most often an oxymoron because a player who uses cheats is generally not a good (5K1ll3d) player. In other words, this is an oxymoron because someone who is a hacker cannot be 1337.

A rare exception is this: in Halo for PC there was no way to enforce cheating, and in large clan war websites (like the old www.klanwars.com) many clans used hacks to stay on top. Thus, in very high ranking clan games, every player would be using hacks (ie:aimbots and wallhacks). Thus, the best H4x0rs could be considered 1337 compared to other hackers... a 1337 H4x0r.

H4x0rZ can only 1337 if they are able to beat other players who are also using hacks.

The legendary player Phillygraf is an example of a 1337 H4x0r.
by Drüd August 31, 2008
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UP can stand for UnderPowered, in contrast to OP, Overpowered. It is used mostly in RTS forums for indicating a weakness in a unit, civilization, ect.
The Chinese anti-cavalry units are way too UP, as they have nothing to counter the splash attack of French Gendarmes, please fix it mods.
by Drüd September 1, 2008
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An piece of covenant technology that renders users of it partially invisable. The UNSC captured a piece of active camouflage, and made their Spartan-II MJOLNIR armor able to integrate itself with the covenant technology. In the Halo game series, players can become invisable if they find active camouflage.
No wonder he was able to get behind our base... he had active camouflage.
by Drüd September 1, 2008
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H4x0r1: WTF??? No way... ur 2 good, ur a H4x0r, i know it

H4x0r2: stfu ur H4xing 2, and btw im 1337

H4x0r1: so

H4x0r2: I guess that makes us 1337 H4x0r5
by Drüd August 31, 2008
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5K1ll3d is simply the 1337 sp33k version of skilled. It is an adjective used to describe a player's ability in that particular game. The player's knowlege of where their opponent is, where to place grenades, reaction time, ect, all attribute to 5k1llz.
"How did you know I was there? either you are hacking, or you are very 5k1ll3d."

"Tripping and falling off the side of that building was the most un5k1ll3d thing I have ever done."
by Drüd August 31, 2008
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'Get that shit out' is an expression, usually out of annoyance, similar to gtfo. However, it can be used indirectly, towards objects for example. It is also used to show dominance over a thing.

Credit can go to a young man named Sam S. for inventing the term.
A basketball player goes up for a slam dunk, and another player knocks the ball out of his hand while yelling, "Get that shit out!" Thus it is refering both to the basketball and to the player's attempt at scoring.

A waiter brings you something that you didn't order, you can simply say, "Get that shit out," in a Mr. T voice.

You can say "Get that shit out," as you throw an object off a cliff in rage.
by Drüd September 2, 2008
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FU can act as an adjective describing units in RTS games. It stands for Fully Upgraded. Mostly seen in forums, rather than in games.
person1: Of course British Lifeguard Hussars beat French Hussars, they are royal guard units ffs.

person2: Not when fully upgraded noob. The French can increase their hand cavalry attack by 15%. That boost means that FU French hussars beat FU British hussars.
by Drüd September 1, 2008
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