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Used by the community of the Japanese fashion "Lolita", it means jumperskirt.
"Check out my new jsk! I like it better than wearing a skirt."
by kittylolifluff August 19, 2014
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stands for jay shree krishna
a phrase used by Indians in praise of Lord Krishna
it is used to greet each other
person 1: i g2g now
person 2: kk jsk
by indian123456789 November 14, 2010
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Just soya know, providing information that may be unknown
Used in texting to replace jsyk (just so you know).
jsk we are outside
by dabich June 10, 2011
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Person or persons using overly pedantic forms of the english language and criticising needlessly and overtly on inconsequential errors in the spelling and punctuation of others
by WD February 17, 2005
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