The smart, caring, handsome, sexy, attractive young man who excels at everything he does. The man owns a channel that is to become one of the most famous ones every made. Mithun is also a name of Indian background coming from a Tamil descent.
Man, Mithun is so amazing. I wish I could be just like him.

Dude you are just like Mithun, so aspiring.
by FlamesON June 07, 2021
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Name Mithun generally means Couple or Union, is of Indian origin, Name Mithun is a Masculine (or Boy) name. Person with name Mithun are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Mithun belongs to rashi Sinh (Leo) with dominant planet Sun (Surya) and Nakshatra (stars) Makha.
mithuns is a very good kid
by May 31, 2018
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To take something such as stationary and to take it and claim it yours. Usually the identity of the item's owner is unknown
Bob:hey I wonder where he got all those pens from, yesterday he was asking to borrow one.
Joe : he mithuned it. found it in the I.C.T. suite, lucky guy
by Lord Hikari February 23, 2016
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A Mithun is a cartoon character that escaped from the famous movie 'Roger Rabbit'during its filming.
He wears tight trousers that rip down the backside everytime he bends over to tie the laces to his oversized clown shoes.
He can be found at circuses the world over, performing sealion tricks such as balancing a ball on his nose and clapping for the public.
He is considered a public entertainer just through looking at his face.
Look mummy! There's a cartoon in real life!

Yes son! It's a Mithun!

But mum, I swear I've seen him at the Russion circus before too....

Yes, he is a clown - can't you see his shoes and tight hot pants?
by Mayouran May 09, 2005
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1. Complete moron
2. One of the stupidest people on earth
3. Someone who thinks rice is a car term and not food
Look at that retard, he's just like Mithun Asher!
by im6etennisfreak August 09, 2004
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