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gerbilling is the act of gay men shoving gerbils up the ass for enjoyment
the brown gerbil says to the white gerbil are you new in town?

Because the white gerbil hasent been shoved up a guys ass yet
by XL_DEATHSTAR February 02, 2005
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The act of tipping a cheap bottle of liquor up and chugging it as if you were a gerbil drinking from its water bottle. The act is preferably done with a 1.75 of something equally as shitty as fleischmanns or rondiaz.
"Did you see Griffin last night? He was so drunk he began gerbiling the fleischmanns!"
by TighterthanAK March 09, 2014
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When someone jumps from thread to thread and posts random comments.
Essentially this will annoy everyone who participates on chats.
The gerbiling could also be considered trolling.
Ban him please. He's gerbiling.
by Spalding T October 28, 2008
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1) v. The act of eating food at such a high rate that a large portion of the food intended for consumption gets dropped on the floor.

2) v. 'Gerbiling' can also be extended to dropping generally anything you touch on the floor in extreme cases
"Damn Travis, you've dropped so much food on my floor. Are you even eating?"

"Hey! Gerbiling is a debilitating illness. Do you know how little I actually eat?"

"I do, seeing as I could make a meal out of what you've dropped."
by Chadc265 December 20, 2011
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