asked by a person to another who doesn't seem to know what is being talked about or said. Does not know term. also meaning, Where have you been?
Tracy: I just got that hotty's digits
Sandra: What are digits?
Tracy: "are you new?"
by Lynn March 11, 2004
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it's like tear you a new one, that is to kick someone's ass and threaten to rip/tear him a new asshole
If you don't stop harassing me i'll rip you a new one!
by Beggi April 23, 2007
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tear you a new asshole to be beaten senseless or near death to the point of not being able to fight back
man your girlfriend is so ugly and is going to have an ugly baby

dude, you better shut up about my girlfriend and our baby or I'm going to tear you a new asshole

man are you threatening me

yes man you better back off

ok man I get you
by littlejimmie November 22, 2019
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literally rip someone a new asshole.
in use can be verbal abuse or a threat to actual physical harm or in some circles could be quite literal
see prison pussy
you better stop lookin at my girfriend before i have to tear you a new one
by nick_pepper October 11, 2004
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A very odd expression for the act of telling someone off.
Say that to my face and I'll rip you a new asshole.
by Wizlet April 4, 2014
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Among the highest degrees of complete ownage, to tear someone a new asshole is to either physically or verbally beat the living fuck out of an opponent or his or her arguments.
Jon: I'm so much bettter than everyone.

Me: Is that before or after I tear you a new one? Let's see...together with your girl parts, that'll give you three
by Way to go, douchefag! July 17, 2009
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