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Probobly the Gayest School of all time. Although I go here, I hate it b/c it is so faglike. We try to compete with the other IAC schools like Bullis and Landon but we can't. We even got ourselves kicked out of the IAC in football this year. I'm embarrassed to go here. We think that we're so cool, but really we are just a bunch of stoners who can't get with a HOT girl to save our lives. Ok, maybe we will get with a hot girl here and there but we'll never touch the hotness of the Bullis '08 girls.
Boy: Hi
Girl: Hi
Boy: I Go to georgetown prep.
Girl: Get the Fuck away!
by Prep Class of '08 March 13, 2005
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"A college prepatory school that appears to have the reputational edge among its primary competitors. Research shows that this is because of the combination of academics, ethics, athletics, and spiritual platform that the school emphasizes. It also has a level of panache that its competitors (Landon, St. Albans, Gonzaga) strive to obtain. Each of these schools is excellent in their own right. However, GP has a reputation for having a bit more of the edge, perhaps due to the intersection of each of these previously mentioned attributes, that sets it somewhat above these other school reputationally. As a result, it invites editorial detraction and attacks normally reserved for a team ranked in the top spot."
Parent 1: I hear that Landon is one of the top schools in the area?
Parent 2: Yes, but if you are really shooting for the top, Georgetown Prep is the pinnacle.
by Private School Research, Inc. January 30, 2010
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One of the best, most prestigious schools in the D.C area. Amazing facilities and great academics. Kids who dont get into prep go to Landon, Bullis, St. Johns, and Gonzaga. The talk trash, but everyone including themselves know that they are just jealous. Jealous of our campus, facilities, alumni, athletics, they are jealous of it all and try to make themselves feel better by trashing us and calling us rich snobs. Kids from Gonzaga think its cool to deface our property and grafitti our entrance, but that is just their jealously acting out.
girl: where do you go to school?
prep guy: georgetown prep
girl: date me
by gprep09 January 06, 2010
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School populated by rich faggots who only go here because anything less than the most expensive isn't good enough, or because their dad went here. Easily noticed by the brightly colored polos with the collars up and the hung-over "this isn't where I parked my Bentley" look. Also seen attempting to beat Landon in "LAX". They get into college because they bribe the admissions office.
Public school student: I got a 1600 on my SAT and got into Princeton.

Prep guy: Did I take that test? Fuck it, I'm still going
by unfortunatly stuck at Prep January 24, 2005
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A bunch of fags who think theyre cool. Probably the largest gatheing of homosexual men in Maryland. These queers get all their money from their parents and try to coast through life. Kids enter this unholy manifestation of prepiness and emerage four years later as a snobby unwanted burden of society. These are the people that you just want to beat down cause they talk so loud and cant back up shit. These fags cant play sports, espcially lax, and usually end up losing to schools like bullis or landon. They are so unliked that they even got thrown out of the IAC this year. They say that all the girls sweat them but really theyre just looking for cock. Every person who goes to this school should do everybody else a favor and end their own pathetic pitiful life.
Prep guy: hey girls whats up
girls: trying to pick up some guys. there are some serious hotties at this party
Prep guy: Yea me too, i love the cock
by hoyassuckass March 04, 2005
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School in Rockville Maryland that is possible the gayest school in World History. Rich ass bitches who get all their money from their parents and suck at sports and academics. Seriously who else has a 9 hole golf course and 2 pools on campus. come in as regular kids and become transformed into rich bitches who are snobby and pollute the world.
Georgetown Prep kid: hey mom can i borrow a few thousands.
Mom:sure take all you need
Goes and spends it on drugs
by rilufy December 10, 2007
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