Bullis are the absolute worst kind of people on the planet, to the point where calling them heartless child molesters is rude to heartless child molesters. A common misconception is that your typical household bulli will most frequently target Sayori, but this is not true. The most common type of bulli is one who does it to Monika, but they don't realize that this makes them a bulli. Every Doki deserves love, respect, comfort, and affection.
The Holocaust would have been fine of there were Bullis instead of Jewish people.
by Confetti-Throwing Puppet May 11, 2018
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a colloquialism of 'fine' gentlemen used to describe joy or agreement.
We are all going on a game of the hunt, would you care to join?" to which one (in agreeance or excitement) would reply "bulli!
by mo' jeff August 22, 2010
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It means penis in hindi/urdu . Generally used for one who has not reached adulthood.
This can be heard from new teenagers say.. " Meri bulli ka aas-paas baal nikal aa rahe hain" (Hairs are appearing around my penis )
by hydcharm September 03, 2006
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Bulli is wrong, so no bulli.
Don't be a bulli, because bulli is wrong, so no bulli.
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by °Fuko°™ March 01, 2018
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