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The bulge of pant material that sticks up right on top of your crotch when you sit down.
These jeans give me a giant genis when I sit.
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
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(Masculin) fatty lump in the lowest abdominal region of a man. Blending the "gut" and "penis'. ou always wonder how they pee.
That fat man has a huge genis!
by Anonymous February 12, 2002
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Gene Simmons' penis, as barely seen below his belly in a hidden camera sex tape.
Because he just can't get enough of that demon's manhood, Jay clicks the Genis all day long.
by the lanatic January 22, 2009
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Male equivalent of the gunt -taken from the words gut and cunt. The Genis, however, uses gut + penis to create genis.

The Genis occurs on obese/overweight men where their lower abdomen, below their belly button to the top of the penis, has an unusually large and disproportionate amount of fat gathering.

This does not occur on all obese/overweight men, only those with a disproportionate amount of their abdomen fat, below their belt line.. Most obese/overweight men do not have a genis visible through their clothing but the rest, which is a small percentage, have genises.

I bet John couldnt see his penis because of his massive genis.

lets play 'spot the genis/gunt'...there is one on that mexican guy!

by BPerry January 24, 2007
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pronounced Gee-nus with a hard "G"

literally translates into girl penis
when a girl gets a "pitched tent" when she sits down due to pants bunching, it forms a genis.
Girl 1: OMG look at that girl
Girl 2: I know, her pants are so big shes got a major genis!
Girl 1: Haha sexy
by Ali S November 14, 2006
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Genis n -someone who is a genius academically but is a dick when it comes to interacting in social settings, thus the word genis has been adapted as it is the combination of the english words, "genius" & "penis" the origin of the slang term "dick"
Charlie: Do you guys know by any chance the Pythagoras's theorem?
Genis Gery: Charlie, that is so very simple! I mean if anything someone of your supposed education should know the Quadratic formula! But if I must I suppose I can help you-
Charlie: Uhhh Gery I just forgot, I know how to do it but I can't remember the equation, but if I see it I can do it myself. So quit being a Genis!
Genis Gery: I am insult at such an accusation!
*American Example*

Ben: Sure I would said that Frasier fella on the tellie is a mighty Genis!
Mark: Ahh stop, we all know he is pure full of himself like!
*Irish Example*
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