16 definitions by ChiefKeefsDraco

When you hit a vape and you feel dizzy nauseous and feel like you about to yuke
“Mane I hit that lil weak ass vape for the first time and that shit had me bout nic sick like a mf”
by ChiefKeefsDraco October 5, 2022
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barber from bmore: FUHTWIHYOUU ASAUH SOME SUPPLMANES FUHTWIHYOUU I GESHA MADE SOME SUPPELYANGS PACKAPALOOSE JUCKALAPANG. *throat baby melody used when you sing the song(FUHTWIHYOUU is the throat babeyyyy part btw)*.
by ChiefKeefsDraco July 8, 2021
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Pamifecation is when you want to look like Pamela Anderson like this fag on my strange addiction
by ChiefKeefsDraco December 26, 2020
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“I’m genderflux and use the pronoun ZE
“Dawg? Fuck is genderfuck?”
by ChiefKeefsDraco May 13, 2021
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