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gender identity depending on intensity; i.e if you were born a female, sometimes you would be like 'FUCK YEAH I'M A GIRL' and other times you would be like '...nah'
Genderflux individuals are on the genderfluid spectrum. They usually switch between male and female identities.
by yosafroze February 26, 2015
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You Identify as the gender you were assigned at birth, however, you may choose to be extremely one way "feminine" or "masculine" one day and the next be not at all.
Yesterday I maxed on The Genderflux scale, I wore all pink and high heels it was awesome, but today I'm feeling like being neutral.
by NoodleDragon January 10, 2017
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Gender identification based on intensity of gender at a time.

Genderflux female: (12:00) UR OUTFIT IS ON FLEEK GURL!!!

(12:05 dude mood) AYYY BRO WHASSUP!
by Amandurrr19 October 06, 2017
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