Usually occurs in FTM (female to male) and MTF(male to female) transgender people. They sometimes feel very upset or depressed about the body they were born with. It can consume their mind because their gender is something they have to deal with every second of everyday. This is a very serious thing and it is horrible to go through. People who have this illness hate their body and wish they were the opposite gender. Gender isnt easily changed and transgender people have to go thru a very costly and lengthy process to reach their goal of the opposite gender. Hating your natural self is a very tragic thing to go through.
"Did you see how sad Tod looks today?" "Yes it must be his gender dysphoria again, i wish i could help him."
by TJames222 January 5, 2012
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Gender dysphoria often occurs in transgender or genderqueer people. It makes them feel uncomfortable identifying as the gender they were born with, and feeling uncomfortable with their body. It can often make the people going through this depressed.
Tod suffers from gender dysphoria, because he was born in a girls body but is a boy.
by A LGBT youth June 20, 2019
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Being unhappy with your gender, it's a spectrum, so not everyone experiences it the same way. Some get depressed and suffer because gender isn't something you can just ignore forever, and some may not.
Charles:"Man... Gender Dysphoria sucks ass to deal with..."

Ted:"True, but just remember you're valid, queen."
by Lunazia (you're valid!) March 1, 2021
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Gender dysphoria is a mental state caused by being born in the wrong body. Transgender and Non-Binary people, as well as every other gender, can experience it. It causes anxiety, depression, and sometimes even suicide. (Despite what others might say, it’s very real and we’re glad you’ve listened to us for this!!)
“Zero looks really upset today,” Tommy said.
“Yeah, it must be their gender dysphoria,” Angela replied. “Their binder got stained so they’re waiting until it’s been washed.”
“Poor Zero, I wish I could do something to help them...”
by .•~**~•. July 18, 2020
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To feel uncomfortabke
With your own gender and wanting to switch to the opposite
Person: That person thinks their a Woman

Person B: huh I guess they have gender dysphoria
by Xucigfd tvyvubrr January 29, 2021
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Gender Dysphoria is where you feel unhappy about the gender you are, and the desire to be the opposite gender of your original gender.
Person A: "Are you a girl or a boy?"
Person B: "I'm a girl but I want to be a boy."
Person A: "So you're transgender?"
Person B: "No, I have Gender Dysphoria"
by Genders/Identities December 27, 2022
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