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Similar the world trade center. There used to be 2 of them, but now it's too sensitive of a subject to discuss
There are 2 genders, male and female, everyone who says they are some other Gender should be purged
by Magnificent Bastard 301 February 09, 2017
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A reflection of one's self-image as relating to sexual nature. There are, in general, three genders:

1) Male
2) Female
3) Something you made up one day to feel speshul. E.g. "semiqueer-bi-spirit-shemale". May use made-up pronouns such as "xe", "ze", "schlee", "nflgsufgshuihousu", etc. Anyone who finds this ridiculous is a bigot and is literally Hitler.
Can you believe that Facebook doesn't feature "transquasi-neutermale" in its gender selection?! This is making me sick. This is making it harder for me to achieve self-realization and be myself!
by Stavroz April 06, 2014
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What Society is conflicted about for some apparent reason.
Chris "Son don't ever let those left-wing mentally ill SJW's tell you that there's more then two Genders. There is only MALE and FEMALE."
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by A Human Male September 08, 2018
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Why the fuck are you looking at the definition of gender. We all know well there are 2 genders
by 0lfway May 26, 2018
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