"Female-to-Male", an adjective sometimes used to describe trans men (people who were assigned female at birth but live and identify as men, and sometimes transition medically), or their transitions. The term is sometimes used as a noun ("an FTM"), but today this is generally considered inappropriate, as it reduces trans men to their medical transitions, whereas "trans man" simply denotes a man who also happens to be trans.
"Are you a girl?"
"No, I'm a trans man, a FTM transsexual."
by ianders September 27, 2014
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a really hot and sexy person
he is FTM
by g0 phuck yourself May 2, 2022
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FTM is a form of being transgender. FTM people are born female, but identify as male.
I am FTM
you are FTM
he is FTM
by MechiTechi February 1, 2018
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FTM stands for Fuck The Matrix,

the matrix is the section of the police that deals with illegal drugs in Liverpool, and some silly 10 year olds think it makes them hardcore to write it places along with a poor representation of the weed sign.
in fact, its not only used by silly ten year olds but also by the retards who give Liverpool its reputation of stealing things and general rat consumption. most people aren't like that.
stupid retard 1: 'FtM!! _\|/_'
stupid retard 2: 'keepin' it scouse, 1 lyf, liv it! _\|/_'

nah to you, gimps.
by i reckon not. July 4, 2010
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FTM = Fuck The Man
- used to describe feelings of anger towards the establishment when a person is being oppressed by said establishment
The police are always bothering people who shouldn't be considered criminals, and our legal system is well on it's way to becoming a police state. FTM!
by M 2teh C September 6, 2006
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If you wanna understand why the Trumpster was elected in the first place, just FTM.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 15, 2020
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