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It means “Gay” or “Homosexual”
Used for memes and squad use, however; commonly used as an insult on online multiplayer games.
Person A: *gets shot*
Person A: Oh! You fu*king faggot!! Your mum geiy!!
— Alternativly it can be—
Person A: Insert creative dramatic insult

Person A: Ur mum gey
by YaboiNUT May 28, 2018
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Geiy although thought to be related to a homophobic insult geiy is different and has no correlation to gay or queer

Geiy is typically used between gamers or memers for example

Your mum geiy
Shet ip geiy boi”
However geiy is commonly pronounced wrong and many pronounce it “gay”
When it should be pronounced “gee”
“Your mums geiy
Shet ip geiy boi”
by Big_keith_09 March 26, 2019
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