It means: Hello!, Good day!, Good afternoon!, How do you do? in German
Friend: Hello
Me: Guten tag!
Friend: Does that mean pack a bowl or hello?
Me: ja
Friend: "ja" what?
Me: ja to both
by Psyska October 23, 2013
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German for good day, but we all know it really means "Good times."
Remember when we did that stuff? Oh man, guten tag!
by laurel = l33t April 26, 2004
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A formal and overall polite way to greet a woman (or a group of woman by adding an 'n' to the end of Schlampe) in German. Literally means 'Good day my Lady.'

Jonny is walking to school. He sees a romantic interest talking to a group of her friends, and wants to gain her attention. As he walks past, he shouts, "Guten Tag meine Schlampen!"


Robert is looking to get a raise from his boss. Hoping to impress his superior, he greets his female boss by saying "Guten Tag meine Schlampe!"
by PossumCuber November 16, 2010
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