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Stands for Gwinnett County, gco is a County outside the north eastern part of Atlanta where middle-upper class kids grew up. It's an infamously well known County in Georgia, especially to college aged kids, known for fine, rich girls and street, rich guys. Gco is also home to many Atlanta Falcons football players, Justin Beiber, T.I., and the Migos (also where the Migos grew up).
Omar: yo homie, where you from?

Me: gco

Omar: oh shiiit, you lucky ass. Every hoe I met from gco is stupid fine and bad af.
by SulleyMan October 18, 2017
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GCO means Got Cut Off.
Usually seen in fanfictions or online stories where dialogue is present to show that the person talking had been cut off in the middle of the word or a sentence.
Hey can you pass the remo (GCO)
Get me a dri (GCO)
by HeavenUnarmed December 27, 2017
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Grad Camp Out. A large grad-only party at the end of your last high school semester.
Yo man, you going to GCO this weekend?
by dotMike June 06, 2016
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