sex = body, gender = mind/spirit. some ppl discover that their sex at birth does not match their gender, and some of those ppl change their sex.
A: "OMG I just found out that Marjorie can't see the difference between sex and gender.
B: "That's so sad. Do you think that means she'll be basic forever? Can people change?"
A: I just don't know...
B: Hold me.
*gay shit happens*
by mysterysah February 27, 2020
Sex is a term used to describe one's birth genitals. Gender is a social construct based on social cues and trends. Transgender individuals are their gender because society has set rules for male and female people. People are born different and sometimes wrong, this is how they are.
P1: What is your Sex & Gender?
P2: Oh my sex is male and my gender is female.
P1: Ok.
by RealWafflepancakes August 19, 2021
Gender is dependent upon your genitalia, an exception to this rule would be for intersex ppl... Bc that's a genetic disorder.... Not done damn idea bc you "feel" like something your actually not.

Science refers to ppl born with dicks as males.
Science refers to women born with pussies as female.

Just bc you don't fit the STEREOTYPES your society has placed on these two genders, doesn't mean you are the opposite (trans) or nothing at all (non-binary).

Literal dumbos
Both of em: sex & gender, D'Marcus! Go! Your thoughts?

D'Marcus: Gender is dependent on your genitalia, your sex,


Emily: No it's not. I'm a human being. I identify as a boy. My new name is Emilio.

Barbara: Yeah, and I'm non-binary.

D'Marcus: That's great. You're both STILL women, though.

Barbara: My pronouns are they/them!

D: Ok...

Emily: Mine are he/him!

D: Ok. You both can be called Dogshit & Horsecum for all I care. That doesn't change what you actually are.

Both of them: You just hate non-binary & trans men! Fuck you!

D: I only like cis women. So no. And I don't even care about you anyway.

Both of them: Leave us alone!

D: Then get tf out my car.

Both: * jump out at top speed on the highway going 95 mhr. ---- skins their bodies on the concrete but barely lives----- they land in grass*

D: Thank God I hate Uber driving.
by Blackjoy May 11, 2021