When a statement is worthy of recognition; can be used as either positive or negative
"Then he fell right into the mud"
"shiiit, man. That sucks!"
by bsides July 02, 2004
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A lifestyle in which one is a thinker, one who does not let events pass by without explanation. Usually this lifestyle includes the visiting of Rock Bottom, a terrible place that only few have the disfortune to live.
Emiliano: Yo look at that mountain-man.
Diego: Yeah he's mad thug.
Emiliano: NO! He's The Shiiit. Look at his face, can't you just tell he uses the SHOCKER on mad bitches.
Diego: Word!
by Diego P August 03, 2006
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a saying commonly used by David Goodman
Bethany " did you know that pizzahut has a special going for 3$ pizzas" David "shiiit"
by goodypowder October 27, 2018
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