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When you can still wise up and back out before you make the biggest mistake of your life.
Stan: Hey Dan, I just got engaged!

Dan: What the hell did you just say?

Stan: I just got engaged to Marie.

Dan: Jesus fucking christ, have you even thought about what that means?

*Stan ponders Dan's question*

Stan: Oh shit, your right..guess what I'm going to do now?

Dan: What?

Stan: Call this thing off, and if she don't like it, I'm going to dump her! Regardless of what happens meet me at my house later, were going to party all night long!!

Dan: Let Freedom Ring!

*Stan and Dan high five*
by StanTheeMan January 19, 2010
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"engaged is latin for screwed for life"
"did u hear Formen and Donna got engaged?"
"yeh... we'll miss him"
by Benjamin -Alucard February 01, 2008
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Tricking women into making them pregnant before marriage.
Tom: Hey Babe, now that we are engaged... lets have sex afteral i'll marry you.
Lisa: I love you babe... <3
....becomes pregnant... months later... you know what babe this isn't working out between us. Lets call it off!

Lisa: heart broken and single mother... no father
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by Venus_D October 12, 2017
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Ebonics/whitetrashian word meaning "shacked up with someone with whom I have brought a bastard child into the world but by referring to our selves as "engaged" I take the curse off the casual sexual relationship that produced an illegitimate child which will be disavowed by the father at the first sign of troule or commitment."
ex. 1-Laqueefa and Tyrone done shacked up, den da bitch get herself knocked up cos she dint use no berf control, but since tyrone dint have no job an his momma doan want him living with her no mo, so he still be living wif laqueefa until da judge order him to pay a sediment fo dat bastard chile, so dat means laqueefa and tyrone bein engaged.

ex. 2-wail, my babydaddy luther and ah done had us a little bundle of joy, but we ain't married er nuthin', we's jest engaged, even though luther ain't bought me no ring er nuthin', he's gotta buy a new motor fer his F-150. b'sides, we don't need no piece a paper to tell us we love each other, now do we?
by earpuller December 05, 2010
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