When you can still wise up and back out before you make the biggest mistake of your life.
Stan: Hey Dan, I just got engaged!

Dan: What the hell did you just say?

Stan: I just got engaged to Marie.

Dan: Jesus fucking christ, have you even thought about what that means?

*Stan ponders Dan's question*

Stan: Oh shit, your right..guess what I'm going to do now?

Dan: What?

Stan: Call this thing off, and if she don't like it, I'm going to dump her! Regardless of what happens meet me at my house later, were going to party all night long!!

Dan: Let Freedom Ring!

*Stan and Dan high five*
by StanTheeMan January 19, 2010
Tricking women into making them pregnant before marriage.
Tom: Hey Babe, now that we are engaged... lets have sex afteral i'll marry you.
Lisa: I love you babe... <3
....becomes pregnant... months later... you know what babe this isn't working out between us. Lets call it off!

Lisa: heart broken and single mother... no father
by Venus_D October 13, 2017
When a person tries to marry King Gordy
james why are you engaged to king gordy?
by RyRoPyRo March 6, 2010
When you're so in love but don't have a ring but ready to lay down all the commitments.
OMG Sarah, he proposed!" Explains long romantic night. "Well there is no ring and he didn't get down on one knee but this is the real thing. He asked if we could be 'Engaged to be Engaged'."
by I said YES February 22, 2023
Participate or involve oneself in a process or activity
"You've got to engage in the process" (Mr Waters 2016-2017)
by NO0T-NO0T July 19, 2017