(n.) plural of gazonga
A woman's breasts, usually implying that they are conspicuously large.
Whoa... check out the gazongas on that babe!
by muffa-puffa August 13, 2007
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Origin of term GAZONGAS

Old English: tʃʌmbəˈwɒmbə, from Latin: nugas pueri; akin to Welsh: twmplenni diafol yn, Swedish: pappas gård med mjölkdjur, Russian: сиськи; титьки; буфера

First Known Use: Predates Etymology
A Blessing from the Old Norse:
"Mai Twmplenni y Diafol am byth fod yn eich wyneb, rhoi eich ffortiwn da a bol llawn."

TRANSLATION: "May those GAZONGAS always stand plump & true and fill you with the Milk of Human Kindness."
by The Baron Bish October 9, 2013
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1. Slang term for breasts.

2. Small Mexican rodent that drinks the blood of cattle at night.
1. "It finally happened...The return of the gazongas series! Only pictures of the finest women with the nicest racks will suffice."
2. "What does that have to do with boobs?" "It drains the blood from the cows' udders."
by Emily Parker February 9, 2011
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