word used by men who cannot correctly enunciate plural nouns that end with the letter S.
Dude, that fox has some nice breasts but why you got to add all those unnecessary syllables? Breasts is only one syllable...breasteses = breast-e-ses...count 'em!
by nerakrepooc October 25, 2006
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The second most appealing part of the female anatomy. Approriate to use when one is referring to a woman that one wants to bone.
Look, there's your sister. Boy does she have nice breasteses.
by Jerôme H. December 26, 2005
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Any combination of the breasts (boobs) of two or more individual women
Matt spends a great deal of 5th period lunch groping Taryn's and Amanda's voluptuous breasteses.
by Zeusy-kinz March 8, 2012
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Made popular by David Alan Greer on the show "In Living Color", breasteses is a corrupted version of saying breasts.
"I would love to get my hands on her breasteses."
by Steven-O September 10, 2009
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