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"Leet" speak for 'gay'. Used often by gamers online.
'!!!11one that Jason guy is teh gayzor at this'

'he's just a gayzor hax, lets go to another server'

'this is teh gayzor'
by Tony Garisonal July 23, 2005
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Defines a person who likes the oposite sex or other times just appear to be gay.

Could also mean someone who is by nature just "gay" and acts within the boundaries of the defenition of "gay".

Persons who fail in thier dutys, or mock a person, can also be called "Gayzor"
"Bobby fails att healing, he is therefore gayzor"

"Carlssor cryes about not getting healers loot, he is therefore gayzor"

"Robert mocks Ricky, Ricky responds that Robert is gaaaayzooor"
by Igelqott December 11, 2009
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when your razor phone shuts itself off and randomly texts people.

Rachael: What kind of phone do you have?
Bryan: A gayzor. =
by rachael leigh May 09, 2008
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When a gay fat little self-mulitlating fucko won't leave you alone because she is looking for a fight.
This is t3h gayzor. She should be pwned to death with dull razors.
by God=Dog March 10, 2005
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