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A gay man who does not have a gym-perfect body, but rather carries a body fat percentage in the 12% - 20% range. A man who is considered gay fat within the community would likely be considered athletic, physically fit and in-shape within the greater cultural context.
Grant: Hey, can I use one of your guest passes for the gym? I'm in a bit of a dry spell with gigs, and couldn't afford to re-up myself.
Jerome: Sure, man, no problem.
Grant: Awesome, dude. I'm afraid if I don't start to get back to it regularly, I'm going to lose this year's 'Ass Fabulous' contest.
Jerome: Honestly, I don't know that a fourth straight win will make you any more fuckable, but it's easier to give you the pass than to host a full-blown gay fat intervention in a few weeks if you don't win.
by Matthew Lake July 05, 2007
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Gay Fat is a term used to describe a man that’s not really fat or skinny however when he’s gay fat he’s too fat to be accepted by the male gay community and he’s skinny but fat and or droopy in all the wrong places such as nipples abdomen area etc.
He’s looks ok,but he kinda looks gay fat.
by Glassmind May 19, 2018
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