A gay man who does not have a gym-perfect body, but rather carries a body fat percentage in the 12% - 20% range. A man who is considered gay fat within the community would likely be considered athletic, physically fit and in-shape within the greater cultural context.
Grant: Hey, can I use one of your guest passes for the gym? I'm in a bit of a dry spell with gigs, and couldn't afford to re-up myself.
Jerome: Sure, man, no problem.
Grant: Awesome, dude. I'm afraid if I don't start to get back to it regularly, I'm going to lose this year's 'Ass Fabulous' contest.
Jerome: Honestly, I don't know that a fourth straight win will make you any more fuckable, but it's easier to give you the pass than to host a full-blown gay fat intervention in a few weeks if you don't win.
by Matthew Lake July 5, 2007
Gay Fat is a term used to describe a man that’s not really fat or skinny however when he’s gay fat he’s too fat to be accepted by the male gay community and he’s skinny but fat and or droopy in all the wrong places such as nipples abdomen area etc.
He’s looks ok,but he kinda looks gay fat.
by Glassmind April 1, 2018
noun. The most uber rad 1337 54U53 band in the universe. most popular song is "Lester Oats". Widely known around the country of Mongolia.
"Bro, are you gonna go see DGFR after we go romp glamis in our raised f-150s bro??"

"DGFR is sicky gnar gnar bro!!!"
by your mom. April 19, 2005
Many moons ago, Billy and Phil, two best pals from the city of Clarksburg, began scouring the internet for a fresh new music act. Something mature, but not overly sentimental. Something fun, but not too juvenile. What they got was Da Fat Gay Retardeds. DaFGaR consists of two members: Fagdar and Gardaf. They had been a band for many years prior to Billy and Phil's discovery of their immense talent. Apparently, they were just too fat and stupid to know how to properly harness their own raw musical talent. Soon after the discovery, Billy and Phil agreed to act as DaFGaR's promotion agency. After many months of fat, gay retardedness they finally had a song to promote; that song being the absolutely enchanting, "lester-oats". Their first step towards stardom was when they posted "lester-oats" on the now defunct Mp3.com. Unfortunately, DaFGaR insisted that their music be classified as "Children's Music". Billy and Phil, not wanting to upset the gay duo, complied . A day later, Mp3.com emailed DaFGaR back, claiming that their music was, "not suitable for children." This put Fagdar and Gardaf into a heavy state of depression; a state they may still be in today. Billy and Phil lost contact with DaFGaR during their great depression, and "lester-oats", though popular among those lucky individuals who have heard it, never garnered the success it should have. Amen.
by anonymous gangster rapper April 19, 2005
When someone is tremendously gay, a bitch, fat, and retarded. Can also be said as GBFR. You can also say this when your being absolutely shit on.
Me: *calling in a car in GTA*
Braden:*kills me*
me: Oh my fucking god, dude, your a gay bitch fat retard.


Vincent was being a shithead so I called him a GBFR.
by VoughtCorsair5 April 19, 2020
Fat, gay, old, todd who lives with his grandmother and is pushing 40! He has already declared bankruptcy and has children he does not pay childsupport for. That's right ladies, form a line and wait your turn! He's SINGLE!!!! *HURL*
FUCK! Fat-Gay-Todd is in chat again with his shrill voice... someone run him out by posting grannies address!
by marylandgrl22 December 6, 2004
A kid who is homosexual and obese at the same time. Often has fat parents as well.
"Man i was walking down the street, and there was some fat gay kid giving bjs for 10 bucks.
by is a mystery November 10, 2007