A very gay roommate typically in the shape of a juice box.
Gay ryan, you are shaped like a juice box!
by hahaha andy February 8, 2008
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Gay ryan's usually love cock. And butt stuff. Tend to find them at the gym skipping leg day and only focusing on arms.
Is that a chicken? Oh wait it's just gay ryan with his little legs.
by Tybooo September 10, 2018
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gay Ryan is a insult used to say someone has a small penis.
man: *has sex*

woman: damn are you gay Ryan?
man: what
by YTDie November 3, 2019
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a kid called ryan who is friends with mason... but ryan is gay
person 1: Knock Knock!
person 2: Whose there?
person 1: Ryan
person 2: Ryan Who?
person 1: Gay Ryan
by Masoboy November 13, 2019
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It's a round thingy that you can see. It hangs from your boyfriend's butt and people like to stare at it sometimes. It's unflappable and saggy. But if your boyfriend has a Ryan Gay Yeet Ass, all the girls and guys will be jealous.
"Look. Charlie doesn't have a Ryan's Gay Yeet Ass!"

by Dardy Baby 13 May 14, 2019
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A person who is obnoxiously gay can be called a "Gay Ryan" referring to people called Ryan who are really gay
Jack your being a "Gay Ryan"
by unscreamable August 25, 2022
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