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Homophobia noun
The fear of homosexuality.
The distaste of the sexual orientations listed in the LGBTQ+ community.
Ross: Hey, I'm gay and it's taken me a long time to--
Daniel: Back away from me! I have pepper spray. D-don't touch me!
Ross: Why? What's wrong? Do you have homophobia?

- OR

Ross: Hey, I'm pansexual and it's taken me a long time to come out to you..
Jacob: Get away from me, faggot! The bible clearly states this is wrong! Simply distasteful!
Ross: Okay, you fucking prick. Looks like you've got a SICKENING case of homophobia!
by LGBT-Definitions January 4, 2019
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Gay bashing; verb {gae-bahsheeng}
The act of calling out/flaming a homosexual individual for their sexual orientation.
The act of being violent with a homosexual individual, while spitting offensive slurs and phrases, for their sexual orientation.
gayboi69owo: Hi.
ooferganglover: Get the fuck out of the chat, faggot! We don't want to have sex with you, homosexual.
killerkeemeraf: Gross! Change your username, dipshit! We don't need to know you're a fucking faggot!
gayboi69owo: Please! Stop gay bashing!

Gay Guy: I don't want any trouble.
Straight Guy: ( punching him to the ground ) What's with the shirt? You a faggot?
Gay Guy: ( under breath ) Why the gay bashing?
Straight Guy: ( slamming him harder ) Huh, pussy boy?
by LGBT-Definitions December 23, 2018
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Bi bashing; verb
The act of flaming or judging those who are bisexual, this can be done by both the homosexual community and the heterosexual community.
Homosexual Individual: Cocks or kitties?
Bisexual Individual: Both.
Heterosexual Individual: There is no both, you're either gay, straight, or nothing.
Homosexual Individual: Don't be a whore, you cum slut. We know you just want it for the sex.
Bisexual Individual: Quit the bi bashing!
by LGBT-Definitions December 23, 2018
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