To call someone a racist or bigot as a last ditch effort to marginalize them because your argument is empty and flawed.

This is in reference to Janeane Garofalo. Who declared Tea Party attendees were racist on Keith Olbermann's show.
Person 1: I think illegal immigrants should be send back to their country because they broke the law when they entered this country illegally.
Person 2: You are such a racist.
Person 1: Don't try to garofalo me.
by dkbeers February 3, 2010
use this in any context you would use a cuss word. It can also mean tree hugger, liberal, hippie, traitor,
Garofalo, I forgot to pay my taxes before my confirmation hearings! Garofalo another stimulus plan!
by TWUB79 May 2, 2009
the art of garofaloing
I garofalo.
by Kate Marie Hermsen February 11, 2003
An ignorant D-list celebrity/bitch that has never made a substantive argument to back up any of her political views and instead just calls everyone that disagrees with her a racist or a homophobe. Most recently, she did this when she accused tea party protesters of being racist rednecks, even though the protest had nothing at all to do with race. JG lacks the cognitive ability to understand that it is possible for people to be angry about the excessive spending, coming hyperinflation and tax increases that will destroy this country, and not be racists. Also, she doesn't shave her pits and has a head the size of a Hummer.
Dude: "Hey, I said I didn't want pickles on my burger!"

Janeane Garofalo: "You fucking racist."
by RME1976 July 12, 2009
NOUN- an amazing person, who deserves A GOOD GUY (: and is absolutely hilarious, can make anyone smile , can brighten anyones day, is mostly people named jordyn's bestfriend (;, oh and absolutely beautiful ! she is never quiet, and will change your entire life with her love of ducks. very ranom
Zach: *screams liek a little girl

Lindsay : lays on ground laughing

(backround people) : zach doesnt deserve a lindsay garofalo. yeah i totally agree. She was way to nice to him. Yeah definently.
by JODY BOXNUM December 16, 2009
A comedienne/actress/liberal activist with about 100 entries on IMDB as an actress and about 100 entries as self. Accurately concluded Iraq did not have WMD's from not watching FOX news. Sports numerous tattoos and is 5'1" because she stunted her growth from smoking.
I saw Janeane Garofalo smoking while she was walking her dog!
by quesondriac January 31, 2010
An adjective used to describe a whipped, wussy, or scared male friend.
"dude i don't want to play football it's too cold"
"hey c'mon man, stop being a vagine garofalo"
by Rafael Sabal February 22, 2008