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To call someone a racist or bigot as a last ditch effort to marginalize them because your argument is empty and flawed.

This is in reference to Janeane Garofalo. Who declared Tea Party attendees were racist on Keith Olbermann's show.
Person 1: I think illegal immigrants should be send back to their country because they broke the law when they entered this country illegally.
Person 2: You are such a racist.
Person 1: Don't try to garofalo me.
by dkbeers February 02, 2010
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use this in any context you would use a cuss word. It can also mean tree hugger, liberal, hippie, traitor,
Garofalo, I forgot to pay my taxes before my confirmation hearings! Garofalo another stimulus plan!
by TWUB79 May 01, 2009
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One who loves butts, β€œbutt stuff”, and other butt related things
She’s such a Garofalo.
by Nerdddz September 01, 2018
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