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An ignorant D-list celebrity/bitch that has never made a substantive argument to back up any of her political views and instead just calls everyone that disagrees with her a racist or a homophobe. Most recently, she did this when she accused tea party protesters of being racist rednecks, even though the protest had nothing at all to do with race. JG lacks the cognitive ability to understand that it is possible for people to be angry about the excessive spending, coming hyperinflation and tax increases that will destroy this country, and not be racists. Also, she doesn't shave her pits and has a head the size of a Hummer.
Dude: "Hey, I said I didn't want pickles on my burger!"

Janeane Garofalo: "You fucking racist."
by RME1976 July 12, 2009
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A noted scholar at Harvard on African-American culture that recently got called out hard for trying to stage a racial oppression incident after being asked for ID in his own home by an officer responding to a 911 burglary call. Instead of just showing his ID, being respectful, and moving on as most reasonable people would, he assumed that the officer's default setting was "racist," and proceeded to throw a temper tantrum in public that eventually led to his arrest. He has radical associations with black militants and Marxists and has made many racially inflammatory statements over the years. He also is a personal friend of Barack Obama and held a fundraiser for him.
Cop: "Good afternoon sir, how are you today!"

Henry Louis Gates: "Fuck you racist! Look see! We still need affirmative action! This cop is profiling me!"
by RME1976 July 28, 2009
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Otherwise known as Little Green Footballs, it is a blog formerly known for exposing radical islam, their enablers, and media bias, but is now nothing more than a milquetoast left-of-center blog that is obsessed with Glenn Beck, creationism, Fox News, loony-tune guilt-by-association conspiracy theories, and threads full of incredibly boring music and tech-nerd info. The blog is also well known for it's lack of tolerance for dissenting views, as many have been blocked or banned simply for mild disagreements with it's owner. Angry former "LGF'ers" eventually formed a spin-off blog that has much better content and acceptance of differing views, filling the vaccum left by LGF when it went off the rails to the fringe left when Obama was elected president.
Bob: "Wow! I can't believe I got banned from LGF for that!"

Joe: "What did you do?"

Bob: "All I said was that I don't think Glenn Beck is as much of a threat as al-qaeda, and dude went on some sort of paranoid rant and banned me! I had been a member for 5 years!"

Joe: "Figures. That site has gone completely down the shitter in the last year."
by RME1976 September 13, 2009
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A miserable, unpleasant and bitterly unattractive female who claims she and 40% of her Georgetown Law coeds need $1,000/yr for contraceptives. She was dragged into a controversy when talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" for blowing through a grand's worth of contraceptives in a year, thus causing leftists to hyperventilate, shit their pants, and fall all over themselves trying to get him kicked off the air, in their true fascist ways. However, Limbaugh should not have called her a slut. He should have called her a lying shameless freeloader, and a professional victim who expects everyone else to fund her sex life. (cause now this is a right too apparently) People aren't against contraception. They're against forcing insurers to cover it if they don't want to. And anyone and everyone knows you can get "the pill" for around $10/month, and condoms relatively cheaply also. (Again, she's a LIAR!) And god forbid the shameless little freeloader be expected to control her urges until she can get to a gas station and pay a couple dollars for some condoms. That's just too much to ask of the lying man-jawed freak. When Fluke wants to fuck, it's NOW! Like a monkey in heat, impulse control is out of the question.
Dude: "Hey, who's that slut on the corner holding up a sign that says 'will fuck for free"

Dude 2: That's a man......oh wait, no, that's Sandra Fluke, the slut that blows through a grand a year on contraceptives, and wants US to pay for it all!

Dude: Wow, what a shameless, lying, freeloading sack of shit!

Dude 2: I agree. Now let's go buy some condoms and tag-team that hoe.

Dude: Right on!
by RME1976 March 8, 2012
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Starting QB for the Florida Gators. He has had much success as a college player, but won't do squat in the NFL. His style of play does not translate well at the next level. His only hope of making it in the NFL is to play....well nevermind. That fucker will probably end up selling used cars. He isn't going to play any position in the NFL. Even his buddy Jesus can't do anything about that.
Bob: "Man, Tim Tebow is good."

Joe: "Yeah, I hope Tim Tebow enjoys it now, because he ain't doin shit in the NFL."
by RME1976 September 24, 2009
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