Any amount of money owned to a third party creditor.
The employee from ABC company has the amount of garnishment to be deducted from his employment income due to court order.
by Maner zoo January 29, 2018
The female equivalent of teabagging, in which a woman rubs her saucy vagina along the forehead of an unsuspecting victim. Hair or anything left behind can be referred to as parsley.
I passed out at Madison's after drinking too much rosé and they took pictures of them lemon garnishing me!
by MooHen July 8, 2017
Bra or panties. Any article of lingerie that is moved to the side prior to eating a tasty dish. Kind of like parsley, but with lace.
me: hey, i'm hungry
your mom: whatcha want to eat
me: pancakes
your mom: ok, let me move this girly garnish for you
by Ceemax November 5, 2009
The aftermath of a cumshot. To garnish a woman’s face with male ejaculate.
After Karen got done sucking my dick I gave her the old goo garnish!
by Amargz December 4, 2019
when you put your dick in someone’s drink and the balls hangs outside against the glass
beach dad chad provided the girl with a gentleman’s garnish after a long night of drinking that seemed to go nowhere
by Mikhalla December 29, 2022
When your arse crack looks like an unused flowerbed after taking a dump
My girlfriend didn't wipe her arse properly after a good crap. She had enough arse garnish to make Alan Titchmarshs' garden grow.
by ravenutter August 12, 2013
A garnished Lay-away is a term that describes the type of transaction where an employee is purchasing product from his or her store and has the amount for it taken out of their check, so they can take to product home/consume product before presenting payment.

The word garnished is pulled from the term "Garnished Wages" implying that money is being deducted from an employees check to pay for a debt. The term "lay-away" is exactly what you'd think. Picking up a product from a place of business and agreeing to pay for it later---- so literally picking up product from place of employment and agreeing to have the cost of the product deducted from one's paycheck.

-Z.S. Jan 14, 2021 22:47MST
"Hey I can't afford this today, so can we do a Garnished Lay-away for it?"

"How'd you get that, you said you don't have money!" "I got it on a Garnished Lay-away at work"
by ZShep January 15, 2021