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A small white-haired hobbit that has a mental affliction from drinking too many vodka lemonades. May be seen pulling tramps, biting the head off a dead bird, or just plain making a fool.
Gary Leeson.

"Garf's been at the plants again, bloody hobbit"
by Muzza2k April 05, 2005
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another way to say the word "goof", the word originated as a common mispronunciation of "goof" in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Garfs are usually goofier than goofs.
That guy's such a garf, he's like the mayor of Garfsville.
by PgrAm April 18, 2011
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a person who sniffs your bicycle seat when you play outside.
girl 1: So, I heard you played outside with Sam yesterday.
girl 2: yeah...
girl 1: How'd it go?
girl 2: I thought he was a nice guy, until he sniffed my bicycle seat...
girl 1: AGH, what a GARF!!!
by fish-on-a-pole July 21, 2011
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When a bowl is packed with so much marijuana that the weed forms a mound like shape outside the depth of the bowl itself. This mound looks like the afro that was worn by Art Garfunkel.
"Dude, that bowl is fucking garfed. The amount of weed in the bowl is so great that it forms a mound out of the bowl, reminiscent of the afro sported by Art Garfunkel!"
by thespike323 March 21, 2010
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A gay, ass, retarded, fuck. who alway fucks shit up or is completely fucked up in his head and his face.
winslow as "GARF" getting wasted and/or high or even sober spills drinks, weed, and beer. breaks anything in sight and performs rediculous stunts like chaseing a soccer ball like a dog or running miles for the fuck of it.
by Justin M. Ross January 15, 2009
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abbr. "Garfinkles"

Used to express dissatisfaction, disgust or annoyance.

Originated in Whistler, Canada
That chick was so garf
by CaroN May 03, 2005
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No specific meaning. It is used to express excessive excitement regarding a particular subject.
Dylan: Dude... Mass Effect 3!!

Kevin: I can't WAIT till that game comes out!!

Dylan: GARF
by Captain DUCK October 07, 2011
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