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You have to drop a deuce so bad you're looking for a public restroom. As you deuce-walk around a store looking for one a powerful contraction overwhelms you. You stop in your tracks and grab a shelf to brace yourself. You feel certain that you're going to lose this battle and ruin your pants. Just as the deuce is crowning you reach down deep finding willpower and sphinctoral strength you never knew you possessed. Shaking and sweating you grit your teeth and say "YOU...SHALL NOT...PAAASS!" sending the deuce back from whence it came.

You have gandalfed it.
You gain 122 xp.
You gain 1 rank in Sphinctoral Control.
That Port-a-john was nasty but I had already gandalfed it twice so I did what i had to do.

Gandalf it bro, only a mile to the rest area.
by Gurusmurf August 22, 2017
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