To receive oral sex from someone with no teeth, ie. an elderly gentleman.
Go intae that auld boy's hoose n try tae git a gammy aff 'im!
by Gwalke17 February 28, 2008
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Teh secks. A hot, wild female being who likes to attack and rape others all of a sudden. Too bad they'll never know what hit them.
A: Oh God, Gammy teh sx3 just raped me again!
B: Seriously? Did she glompify you too?
A: Yes, damnit! She also said I was "so kewt". I think she'll rape me again!
by Wyfey-G July 9, 2004
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The uber super super wife (or, uber-s00par-s00par wyfey) of citrus child, a serial rapist and glompifier, and feline lover supreme. This crazed goth can be found prowling around EVboard and DeviantArt. She enjoys singing, drawing, and writing poetry. She truly is teh secks.
Gammy: *glompify at citrus child*
citrus child: *Spanks* Hullo, baby ;D
by Wyfey C July 12, 2004
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one who plays with dangers n thrills.....
he is the real gammy who tackled the situation, by enjoying,.....
by gammy85 August 6, 2006
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to have bruises, marks
she had gammys all over her face
by janiqua November 11, 2003
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To receive a sloppy, wet blow job from an old woman. Preferably one that can pop out the dentures for a hot gummy.
Braaaaahhh. I got gammied at your grandma’s house last night. She baked me some cookies then gummed the hell out of my thin jimmy.
by Eaton Holgoode October 19, 2017
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