She has a gammy leg...
by Cully April 1, 2003
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odd-looking; crooked; off centered
Her hair looks a bit gammy to me. If its a wig she needs to straighten it on her head!
by talk2me-JCH2 July 7, 2022
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when you see someone retarded or someone who looks retarded
by sarah June 15, 2004
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Scots (1) noun the act of manual masterbation performed by someone other than the recipient. (2) adjective deformed or unusually hideous.
(1) "Will you give me a gammy please?"
(2) "Have you seen Jeremy Beadle's gammy hand?"
by Pat Mc Groyne October 11, 2005
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gammy is when there is someting disgusting!!! irish people used it about 3 years ago but we dont say it any mone(well cool people dont say it anymore)
fella: look i fell in the match yesterday look at the big scab!!
girl: ahh dah is gammy!!! awwh
by luzzer November 11, 2005
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