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Gammy- a word associated with someone who is quite frankly disgusting or infected with a viral disease, someone who sticks fingers in ketchup then up their bum would be ‘gammy’ one who is gammy could be called a Lewis and doesn’t wash their hands adding to the gammyness
Hutchie has ‘gammyhands
by Beany boi October 05, 2019
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The sudden overwhelming shock of confusion, which is sometimes shortly followed by a groan of delirium. This is sometimes referred too as a "Gammy Descention" which in some cases has been found to make people vomit.

Other words used to express this emotion are:

Gammecular, Gammful, Gammual, Gam.
"Mate, That tortoise with seven heads and a leg without a knee was Gammy."

"I don't know if its the acid or not but im going on a gammy descention..."

"Sometimes I like to play with fire while licking my dogs anus..." (This is Gammy/Gammecular/Gammful/Gammual)
by Borkaor August 02, 2010
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Something infected, disgusting or generally dirty. Especially used to refer to injuries or disabilities.

Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Hannah: Dave's got a gammy knee after he grazed it. Looks rank.
Dave: It got gammy 'cause a bit of grit got stuck in there. Now it's infected.
by JoeyJoeJoington February 08, 2011
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It basically means disgusting or minging. If an orange has gone all green with puss and stuff that would be deemed as gammy
Paul: Have you seen this orange?
greg: ergh it's proper gammy
by Clive Warren January 11, 2009
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