A dirivitive of the word cute, it describes people as being impish, sweet and damn right adorable. Though it can also suggest that such appearances can be decieving.
*OMG i thought Amanda was kewt, but then she stabbed me!*
by Jewelia December 10, 2004
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When cute won't cut it. Applies to kittens, baby chicks and grown men who act like overgrown 5 year olds.

Also: kewtest, kewtness
I think you're so kewt when you get excited I could just puke!
by realtalljason July 6, 2011
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I love Kristina and I think she is really kewt.
OMG, KRisinta is so kewt I just wanna cuddle with her.
by Milic May 7, 2021
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kewt cat
kewt cat
by kewt cat June 21, 2020
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Cute, but cuter.
Kind like a newt 🦎 which are also kewt.
by Kewtnewt July 15, 2021
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1) sho kewt is a much cuter way of saying "so cute"
2) a silly, fobby way of pronouncing "so cute"
1) Lisha, you look sho kewt in that pink thong !
by leeechee February 24, 2011
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Jesus christ: look at this kewt penguin pororo oh he is so kewt
Tru nigga: kewt nut
by Thot Patrol 8866618 October 15, 2022
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