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Originated from a brazilian term, which means deception or disappointment
<Playing an usual computer game someone really screws up everything>
Player: aff
by WhiteSands January 25, 2005
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A term used by brazillians in online games, most often in Tibia pretty much whenever they encounter any slight misfortune, and sometimes for no reason at all. Generally aff is a br's best friend. they spam it whenever they feel like it
br 1: mi frind pk u son of the bitch fuck
br 2: afffffffffff nooooo

player: Hey, would you like some free money?
br: AFF
player: ...what?
by Dr Pimp July 8, 2005
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Coming from the universe of Battletech and MechWarrior, "Aff" is an abbreviation of "Affirmative," meaning "yes." Its opposite, naturally, is "Neg," short for negative.

When expecting an answer one way or another, the prefix "qui" may be added.
Gunter: "Enemy Kodiak at 2 o'clock. Should I open fire, quiaff?"
Von Helsing: "Aff. Take out his legs."
by Benny the Icepick August 31, 2007
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an expression of dissapointment or supurprise,with out saying fuck. in attempt to be civil.
AFFF! Theres a cop behind you.
AFFF! I can't find my keys...
by jmb February 25, 2005
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Short for "affirmative" and use much like "yes" or "indeed". This primarily from the Battletech universe (and the Mech Warrior games) where Clanners use it. It's still used by fans, though use is dying out.
Commander> You will defeat that freebirth scum, qui nec?
Pilot> Aff, Commands, aff.
by MadCat August 30, 2006
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Aff is short of Affirmative. It Helps a lot while playing team shooters.
Captain: Squad 1 go on east, squad two go on west ! Go go go !
Squad 1: Roger That.
Squad 2: AFF.
by YOHOHO April 8, 2008
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Mary is annoying aff.

Ann: OMG! Look at him.
Karly: Sh*t! hot AFF.. he is way too hot.
by word4words February 8, 2015
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