I love being Gammi to my first grandbaby!
by Kudif Nguyen March 14, 2020
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When you try to butter bread when the butter is too hard and you scuff the bread up.
"Oh no! I've gammied the bread."
"Wait until the butter is soft or you will gammy the bread."
"Stop it! You're gammying the bread."
by Sonus Fiction February 14, 2020
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A stupid word that LL wants her grandchildren call her
LL wants her grandchildren to call her Gammie.
by Nogooters August 15, 2019
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London slang; referring to something so sick ugly that it pains the onlooker to view it
1) He's got a gammy face!
2) His face is so gammy!
3) Wow, how much more gammy can his face get?!
by jashond October 20, 2009
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Something that is a little wrong and needs sorting out
by philio_spesh_4 June 24, 2009
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A massive orgy with women over 70 only in July before they got to sleep at 5PM
Bro during last gammy time my nuts fucking exploded and one of those wrinkly cheeks engulfed them. *Derived from: "grandma summer"
by THECUMMAN August 23, 2020
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