Any person who plays video games for a hobby. You have your recreational gamer who plays games only once or twice a week. You have your typical gamer who plays games once every day or every other day for a couple hours. Then you have the uber-gamers who dedicate their life to playing video games, either because of an unhealthy addiction or something job related.
Bill is pretty good at that game, no wonder he thinks he's such a great gamer.
by reckless April 27, 2004
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true gamers(only one i want to go over)
are people who try the best games they can and play for more then a few hours every day, they do shower,arnt fat,and dont smell...well after they go a few days w/o a shower they do but that doesnt mean were ALL like that
im a gamer and i play football skateboard and i weigh 110 and i dont smell..usually so anyways thats wat my opinion of a true gamer is
by eric rulz June 28, 2005
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GAMER is a phrase coined by legendary SF Giants announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper to describe players (or extremely awesome fans sitting in sec 126, row 7) who are prepared at a moments notice to go balls out for fly ball, lay out for a ground ball, slide into the catcher during a bang bang play(exception= cousins), bare hand a foul ball in the stands without spilling your beer and basically any person who Kruk and kuip think came out to the yard with their game face on!!!
EXAMPLE 1:Did you see Torres tag up and take advantage of that D-bag Hannahan being unaware of the situation? Andres Torres is a GAMER!!

EXAMPLE 2: Check out those Guys in 126 with the baseball gloves, beers, garlic fries and SMOKIN HOT ladies! they came to the yard prepared and they look like GAMERS!!
by The Touchdown Guy June 25, 2011
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An athlete who always shows up ready and wanting to play; a highly motivated athlete; often an athlete who is also very talented. (NOT just about video games as these definitions suggest, but about real sports such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, etc.)
Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera is a gamer. He's the pitcher you want on the mound when you're trying to close out a game and get the win.
by AWild November 07, 2007
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A gamer is someone who makes video gaming a hobby. They work and work at becoming the best. And yes, they still have a life.
Gamer: After hanging out with friends, I went and killed some Chimaerans in Resistance.
by Lazarus, Lord of Time April 16, 2008
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A mocking trend recently started at Williamsville North High School that is spreading across Western New York. It's typically used as a derrogatory term by preps/jocks against people whom they think are inferior, regardless of their gaming habits.

Common victims of the term:
1. People who wear black.
2. People who don't like football.
3. People who like music.
4. People who are knowledgeable with computers.
5. Essentially anyone with an i.q greater then that of a grapefruit.

Common users of the term:
1. People who love sports to the point of obsession.
2. People who smell like an abercrombie store.
3. People whose parents clearly pay for all of their clothes.
4. Essentially anyone who has no self-esteem and feels the need to mock others who are actually happier then they are to make themselves feel bettter.
Prep 1: Dude, look at those gamers, think they've ever heard of football.

Prep 2: No way man, they're such faggots cause they wear black.

*high pitched laughter*

Prep 1: Anyways, I've been pretty down since my girl sucked seven guys dicks at the party last week.

Prep 2: Dude, that's fucking beat. Let's go make fun of some people to make up for our low opinion of ourselves.

Prep 1: Coo'
by Robert Cole Jensen November 28, 2006
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