The area code for both the best city, San Francisco, as well as the richest county in the United States, Marin. Full of liberal conservatives, beautiful scenery, and dank-da-dank-dank-dank.
Some Dude: "Hey man, where you from?"
Chiller: "Shit Dude, I rep tha bay: 415 mufucka."
Some Dude: "Oh yeah? Where in 'tha bay' is that?"
Chiller: "Yo, I live in the SFC but I'm from Marin."
Some Dude: ""
Chiller: "Hella."
Some Dude: "So...wanna smoke some weed?"
Chiller: "Yeah Dude, but only if its da-dank."
Some Dude: "uh...what?"
Chiller: "um...only if it's bomb."
by Hustlenglo February 12, 2011
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San Francisco Area Code..
510 is oakland AKA Cokeland i love san francsico and oakland

408 is pussy ass san jose's area code you no the fakest and LEAST hardest city in the Yay area It Is almost as gay as kanas
415 will murder tha hell outta the 408
by DUB S July 23, 2005
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I Love You....❤️
by Steelsmitn August 24, 2023
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man 1: you look fucked up bro!
man 2: yeah man, had to take some 415s for my test later today
by Mariothebrave March 17, 2011
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A scheme to get investors to pour money into an unproven idea that will burn through cash at an alarming rate and probably never produce any revenue. AKA, a San Francisco start-up.
Man, I can't believe so many people fell for that 415 scam back in the day.
by hackworth February 27, 2012
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A term used for people who move from the Bay Area to mountain towns such as Bend, Oregon and litter said places with their political views, lifestyle ideals, and traffic. Said trash drives up the cost of living wherever they move to, making it impossible for locals to live comfortably.
Example 1: “You see that group of tech bros with their puffy jackets and skinny jeans? Total 415 trash!”

Example 2: “Sorry I was late! I got cut off by some 415 trash that didn’t know how to use a traffic circle!”
by Burnt out in Bend May 28, 2023
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