A person who majority of the time makes more money has more friends and wakes up feeling great with out worring about shit.
Dude check out that gamer he owns at halo 2.

Dude check out that dudes insanly kool computer with liquid cooling and wow its got a core 2 processor ,

us gamers often get paid more because we use computers much more often therefore we get more fmailiar with computers, and operation systems and hard ware, bcuz the grafics got to be good right?
by TTAABB September 04, 2006
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A gamer is someone who plays alot of games on a online platform. if you play clash of clans you are not a gamer. or if you play only the generic game at the time e.g. Fortnite battle royale
by BLOCKMASTER64 June 17, 2018
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The most oppressed group in the world. Also the group with the biggest peepees but never get coochie
"Fellow Gamers, rise up!"
by Barley Babushka September 14, 2018
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gam⋅er gey-mer


A person who plays video games, console or PC. They play a wide selection of platforms, FPS (First person shooter) to RPG (Role playing games).
- "Dude, you own 86 games, you're a gamer"

- "Dude, you own evey Call of Duty, you're gay"
by Pumuqun January 08, 2010
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an individual or group of individuals who interact with software applications that identify as games or interactive environments for the purpose of enjoyment or competition
George was a gamers as he played Fold it from Fold.it.
by ResearcherOfTheArts March 15, 2015
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Simply put a virgin. Someone that doesn't realize that having 40,000 gamer points doesn't mean anything in the real world, but their obesity from sitting around all day does. Usually use words such as Artard, Noob, and "Ranking up"
Interviewer - So why do you think you deserve this job?

Gamer - Because Artard I powned a couple noobs and got my Halo rank up to a 50. I also have 40,000 gamer points.

Interviewer - So that explains the obesity. Do you like girls?

Gamer - Of course Artard , I have a wife in second life
by 1reallife August 18, 2009
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