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A gamer is someone (can be male or female) who plays games more than once a week (sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day). I'll just have all you haters out there know that most gamers are not socially handicapped, nerds, and usually have a hell of a lot more friends than non-gamers. Also, if any of you haters out there spent any time at all in the daylight instead of on the internet bashing gamers, maybey you would see that the gaming community is a LOT bigger than you imagined, and I bet that you will find at least one person you know is a gamer.
One of my best friends can squat two plates (415 pounds in all) , he is a gamer.
by exo9b June 22, 2004

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Chobits is a story created by Clamp, the all-female manga/doujinshi artists, about Hideki, guy who lives in tokyo and wants to get into Tokyo University. His parents sent him to cram school, cut off his allowance, and thereby forced him to get a job working 7 days a week at club pleasure, which by the looks, has a very decieving name. Hideki desperately wants to get a persocom, Computers that have the outward apperance of a human, but he's dead broke. One day he finds a persocom lying in the garbage, he knows that since someone threw it out, so they would'nt care if he took it home and kept it. He finds out that his new persocom is a lot more than he bargained for, this particular persocom does'nt know how to do nearly anything that a normal one would, which comes as a real dissapointment. His dissapointment, however, turns into interest when he finds out that Chi, his persocom, might actually be a legendary "chobit"...hmmm...
Chobits is cool
by exo9b June 30, 2004

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Canti is a machine in the uber-confusing manga (also anime), FLCL that is the first to pop out of Naota's (the protagonist) head. This machine posseses the power of that giant space pirate that can steal whole planets (I cant remember his name). Haruko hits him on the head and
makes it to where he can only achieve that power by eating Naota. Once he does this he turns a dark red and can fire off a "Naota bullet" by changing into one HELL of a sweet "cannon mode" he fuses with the terminal core in the last episode and brings the giant hand to life.I cant tell you what happens next. what I CAN tell you is that is one of the sweetest action sequences EVER!!!!
I hope Canti uses his giant cannon in this episode!
by exo9b June 20, 2004

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