the worst teacher you will ever have. looks like a fish. screams at you for no reason. has the most annoying voice and has a face like alvin and the chipmunks. throws chairs. gives you detentions for no reason. has the worst hair dye and fashion sense. doesn't know the subject she's teaching you.
Did you have science today with gale?
Yeah she threw a chair at me and gave me a weeks worth of detentions.
by frances and suzanne June 21, 2019
A type of middle-aged female, ususally a teacher. Obsesses over historical figures, in love with quite a few. Born in the wrong era, quite commonly. Throws chairs in her free time, yet she’s the best teacher you’ll ever meet.
Emo student: Bro, do you remember that time Ms. Gale threw that chair across the room declaring her undying love for Abraham Lincoln?
Depressed student: Or that time she set of an alarm in the museum trying to take a picture of the Oregon wagon?
by memealicious420 March 12, 2018
a scarf grab with the intention of a boob grab ( at the same time) by someone who isn't on "friendly terms" with the victim.

The perpetrator will act as though they are interested in the scarf , usually female's, and have the appearance they are trying to get a better look. They will act interested in the thread count or fine details, when all they really want is to check out one's cup size.
OMG, Kelly, I was doing homework in the Library and my teacher came up and totally Galed me as they tried to act like they were interested in the pattern on my scarf!
by Scratt-attack December 11, 2009
High winds, 60miles per hour +
umbrella will not be any use in gales
by lawrenc November 12, 2009
Somthing or some situation that is totally lame or uncool. Used as a substitute for gay (adjective).
I had to wait an extra two hours at the airport cause of the weather. It was so galee!

That new soccer ball they are using in the World Cup is so galee.
by gtsv1000 July 2, 2010
The best friend a person could ask for, even when they're completely oblivious to certain things. They have the most contagious laugh and the most adorable smile, they always make sure to put a smile on your face if they see you're down :)
1: Who's Gale?
2: Gale? They're the one who just managed to put a smile on everyones' face and went out of their way to make my day.
by Just.A.Random.Simp_87 December 19, 2022
G. Gracie A. Addi L. Lizzy E. Emma =GALE
by Grayclyn January 10, 2018