The Man Who Shot Legend Metal Guitarist, Dimebag Darrell on December 8th, 2004

R.I.P Dimebag Darrell, 1966-2004 Lost But Never Forgotten
Shread in peace Dimebag Darrell, Burn in hell Nathan Gale
by Zero4Mars October 12, 2008
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The guy who saved Katniss' family, who is Katniss' bestfriend, who was with Katniss through the end, who watched her go through hell on TV, who watched her love someone else, who risked his life to save the person she loved and got nothing in return.
Dude, I'm your Gale Hawthorne, pick me!

I just got Gale Hawthorned.

I'll pull a Gale Hawthorne and stay silent and watch you love another guy to see you happy.
by Everthorne February 11, 2012
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The ass hole That Shot the Greatest Guitarist of all time, Dimebag Darrell
Did you hear about nathan Gale, he should be hung!
by Zero4Mars October 08, 2008
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Nickname for a 40 oz.

Named after the Kansas Comet, and hall of famer Gale Sayers, who wore the number 40.
Slammin Gale Sayers and b-riding, thats what's up
by RICKGOODWIN January 07, 2010
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The members of Denver based Grace Gale decided it was time to try something new. As a band, they have charted a course and set sail with one singular destination: a hardcore band with the partying sense of Motley Crue, and the wholesome likability of Ranger Rick.

Whether it's doing lines of coffee in its powder form off blonde bombshells (or soccer moms depending on what time of day it is) or explaining the life cycle of the Northern Icelandic Tree Owls to 4th graders, Grace Gale will continue to rock until one of them is dumb enough to fall in love. But let's all hope they're too smart for that.
Grace Gale Fan1: This is about having sex with a girl.
Grace Gale Fan2: Not NOT getting laid.

(Listen to the song Tijuana vs. Albuquerque. You'll get it.)
by lmaonayse August 06, 2006
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When a chick's pussy sticks so bad it emits a cloudy salty green stench of fumes.
Dude Cody and Zak check out those chicks i think they have Salty Gales.
by NiggerHater69 February 24, 2010
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Sharon Gale is a person who loves you for who you are and will always care about what you think. she will always make you happy no matter what. She is hot, amazing, and nice, and careful. She is the kind of person who actually will tell you to your face that she loves you. I wish i had Sharon Gale as my girl friend because i think me and her would be a great couple. You will mean so much to her. If you do end up being with her just know you are very lucky to have an angle like her.
Sharon Gale is an amazing person and nothing can change that
by Wxvy_uyy December 12, 2017
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