Basically the entire plot of The Hunger Games in two words. It is used as derogatory slang for the series.
Person #1: Did you like The Hunger Games?

Person #2: You mean that Gale Fail? I couldn't even finish reading that garbage.
by KEMMA SLAY June 27, 2016
The most amazing person in this world ever, irreplaceable, funny, loving, caring and the kindest person in this world ever. A jewel amongst millions, and well, you can too have an Ellie and you'll be the luckiest person ever, but hell fucking no I'm not giving the Ellie I have. She's adorable, beautiful, smart, sometimes forgetful, but the most loving little thing ever. She's the luckiest thing that occurred in my life, and she's going to be wife. Love you, sweetheart. <3
Hey, bro, I love Ellie Gale.

What else do you need when you have Ellie?


Ellie Gale is my Wifey. Fuck off.
by Phantom903 July 7, 2014
The gales of abs is a word to describe a female person who is both a gale and an Abs, typical a rich Capricorn with dark tight curls.And most likely is obsessive over anything, goes through many phases. You know who you are!
Jiraiya describes Abi as the GALES OF ABS because of her crazy obsession of Brendon Urie.
by The Alien Unicorn Clan March 4, 2019
an example of an obsessed fan gone to the extremes
Nathan Gale must have been an obsessed fan of Pantera and Dmageplan, and killed Dimebag Darrell because of something he wanted that couldn't be fulfilled; or he was pissed at Dimebag for collaborating with Nickelback. Either way, he is burning in hell for what he did, and the metal community knows that he won't hurt anyone else anymore. Even I haven't done anything like that to anyone in Eve 6, and I was an obsessed fan of them.
by Karen Stickney December 31, 2007
1. An American country singer best known for her 1977 hit song, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue".

2. Rough or forcible anal penetration, resulting in bruising of the aforementioned chocolate starfish.
My wife prefers to stand, actually. I Crystal Gale'd her last night.
by Prestonblue September 5, 2013
a steamer on twitch that lives in a vegetable cabinet in a bog, he drank lemon juice for followers, he also charges 30k channel points to play granny
Did you watch the Heron Gale stream yesterday?
Yes he kept dying in Minecraft
by Throw_meatthesun February 18, 2021