An elderly man who tries to screw young women 29 and younger. Usally having to settle for porn to jack off to because no woman will ever really want him. He broadcast on vaughnlive and will mod anyone just to get them to stay for his show.
"Gale Cartwright? Didn't he die? Oh well."
by OGTroll June 10, 2013
Gale Harold is the epitome of sex. His mere presence can make any male or female swoon. Gale Harold has starred in productions (mostly indie films)such as Showtime's hit series Queer As Folk, playing the main character Brian Kinney, Fathers and Sons, Wake, Social Grace, The Unseen...etc...If you love tall brunette's with killer smiles and unbelievably hot bodies, you will Love Gale Harold!
Gale Harold is a talented actor and he is gorgeous!
by Gale's loverly teen lover April 10, 2006
A small town located in the Southeastern section of Connecticut. Most commonly associated as a throughway for such attractions at the world famous Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Indian Casino as well as the United States Naval Submarine Base and Training School.
Where is Gales Ferry?
right in between Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.
Ohh yah, I've gambled there alot!
by RGG July 21, 2006
Someone who criticizes work that normal people would see as good.
You turned in a perfect 10/10 essay, suddenly a wild Mrs. Gale appears! What you thought was a perfect essay is now a 0/10...
by PoopooFaceToilet December 17, 2014
The killer of guitar legend Dimebag Darrell. Mr. Gale basically shocked the entire metal comunity forever as he wrote one of the darkest, most dreadfull chapters of music history.
R.I.P Dimebag. We will alwais mourn you.
by Oscar Hinde June 8, 2005
The stupid fucker that shot Dimebag Darrell on December the 8th 2004

Rot in hell Nathan Gale
by katieeeeeeeeez December 4, 2007